Austria (OE)

For the WRTC 2014, I tried to qualify and tried much harder than for the last one. So I needed some very good scores. For the CQWW DX Contest SSB I got the chance to operate from Rainer's OE4RLC station. Located south of Vienna close to the Hungarian border, it provides different conditions compared to Germany. This was my first 48 hour contest with only one hour of sleep. By the end it got really tough and I wonder if people still understood my blablabla. But it was worth the effort, ending #1 in Europe.

QSO statistics for OE4A (CQWW DX Contest SSB) - Single OP / All Band / Low Power


Score: 3,827,142

Belgium (ON)

Back in 1996, when I was soldier in the German Army, a comrade and I wanted to take part in the Dodentocht march. The officer cadets of the company were obliged to go, but we normal draftees were not allowed to join: liability issues. So it took over 16 years I found this march was still existent. So I had to take part. But unfortunately, I wasn't successful this time.

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United States of America (K)

As if last time wasn't enough, our trip through the US this year topped everything. Starting in Seattle, WA, we made over 7,300 km all the way through the North of the US, including Dayton, OH (yes, Hamvention), Washington, D.C. and New York City. When finally arriving at KC1XX, he told some friends at the BBQ that we drove all the way from Washington. They just nodded their heads uninterested. Matt added: "Not D.C., the state!" - "Ahhh, uhhh, wow!"

United Nations HQ New York (4U1UN)

While staying in New York City, we had to visit the UN headquarters. Counting as a separate entity for the "DXCC by Foot" (, this was a must. We had a very interesting tour through the building, including the General Assembly and the Security Council.

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