China (BY)

After visiting Japan in September, I had the chance to head for Asia a second time in November. This time I was guest at the clubstation B4T / BI4SSB for the CQWW DX Contest CW. On Wednesday evening before the contest, I already met Jörg DF9LJ in Shanghai. He is working for a big German car company in China. And also BCC member. It would have been perfect for a BCC Stammtisch China. But two days later, when I was picked up at the train station by the other BCC member Dale BA4TB, Jörg was already on a business trip - to Germany.

The guys at BI4SSB were terrific guys. And very helpful. They always ensured that there was beer on the table for the Bavarian guy. Their antenna setup was quite impressive. Including a 3 element fullsize yagi for 40m. But with a S9 noise level all around, it is hard for weak stations to break through. And the moderate conditions didn't help either. But we also had a lot of fun sitting together with BBQ, a lot of very good food, beer and "Chinese white wine".

Unforgettable experience!

QSO statistics for BI4SSB (CQWW DX Contest CW) - M/2



Score: 3,095,991

Japan (JA)

The WRTC Ambassador for Japan, Zorro JH1AJT, invited a small group of WRTC organizers to come over to Japan to visit the Tokyo Ham Fair, setting up a booth and giving presentations. So Sandy DL1QQ, Rudolf DJ3WE and I flew to Tokyo for some days and had a great time there. It was very exciting to visit a completely different culture. But I enjoyed every minute of the stay.

Turkey (TA)

By redeeming a voucher I received for my 40th birthday, Anja and I were guests on Christine's and Peter's boat in Marmaris, Turkey. Our skipper Rudolf made it very comfortable for us, showing us the local infrastructure (super market, restaurants, boat supplies) and learned us how to sail. Amongst all the WRTC preparations this was a much anticipated rest.

United States of America (K)

In March I had the opportunity to stay at K1ZZ's place in Connecticut over the ARRL Phone weekend. Linda and Dave were my hosts for this weekend. I haven't missed anything! They say they haven't heard me crying to the pile-ups, but I hardly believe that. On Friday it looked like a very bad idea to do a 48 hour Phone contest with a cold, headache and coughing. But thanks to Pfizer, Bayer and Merck all went fine. Propagations ... let's take them as they are. No matter how bad they were, I as a Central European guy always enjoy working KH6 on 160m SSB on the first call. Was online on all the time. NC1I, many thanks for the race. On Saturday I nearly gave up, but you indirectly kept me motivated until the end.

Many thanks to Linda and Dave for their great hospitality, their food, their medicine, their bed,... what did I forget? Ahh, yes, the station. Nothing got broken except my own headphones. Had to cable tie my Antlion boom microphone to the Heil headset. Looked funny, but worked.

Finally, I ended up on #1 US :-)

QSO statistics for KO2WW (ARRL International DX Contest SSB) - SO Unlimited HP


Score: 2,657,655

In April I attended the Visalia DX Convention in Visalia, CA. As a one man show I had a small WRTC 2018 booth in the main hall and gave two presentations. And met a lot of new friends and also many old ones.

In May a small group made a big effort to represent the WRTC 2018 at the Dayton Hamvention. At the fair site in Xenia, in the Crowne Plaza hotel and here nad there for presentations. Raising funds, talking to people. I was happy I was there, but happy after the four days were over.

Finland (OH)

The third year in row at the OHDXF / CCF meeting. Again on the ferry. But this time no time for any shore leave.