Slovenia (S5)

After being together in Morocco, we (DJ5IW, DK6WL and I) were invited by Stanko, S50S, to come to Slovenia and operate the CQ WPX Contest SSB. By car it was a smooth 6 hour ride. For me the antenna assembly of Stankos QTH was impressive. The highlight was the 42m high crane tower without the cantilever arm, but numerous yagis on it. And turned by the very own motor. Enjoyed being together with the Slovenians and besides the pile-ups enjying the local food and drinks.

Operators: S50S, S58A, S57O, S53O, S52EZ, S57NW, S51RJ, OE2VEL, OE2GEN, DK6WL ,DJ5IW, DL1MGB, S52ZW, S59G, S51ZX

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Luxembourg (LX)

Helmut, DK6WL, picked me up at my student appartment and we headed to Wiltz, Luxembourg. An eventful weekend around cheap coffee, cigarettes and lot of pile-ups. The CQWW DX Contest CW had its own rules on the other end of the pile-up. But it also shows you clearly the limits of a portable setup.

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