Luxembourg (LX)

Good things always want to be repeated. And Helmut needed to fill up his coffee and cigarettes supplies. So we headed for the CQWW DX Contest again. This time for the phone part.

Portugal (CT)

After the world records in the Multi-Multi category, the Bavarian Contest Club had a look at the record tables. And the European records were gone in the meantime. So ideas came up to use the still very good conditions and look for a spot in south west Europe to get back the records. So a team of four (Tobi DH1TW, Dietmar DL3DXX, Joerg DL8WPX and I) put a lot of fieldday style equipment into a camper van and drove from middle Germany to Cabo Espichel, south of Lisboa, Portugal. Our task was to find a suitable spot and infrastructure to host a Multi-Multi operation for both CQWW SSB and CW. We found a nice hotel, with lots of farm land around and enough space inside the hotel. We installed some antennas and two stations to take part in the CQ WPX Contest CW to test the world wide propagation. We had a lot of fun, had good pile-ups and became life-time friends! Unfortunately, no European records followed.

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