Macedonia (Z3)

After the DXpedition to Norfolk Island, there was still some holidays left (unbelievable, right?). So we were looking for a place to go for CQWW DX Contest CW in November. Our QSL manager Mario DJ2MX gave us a hint to ask at Z37M in Macedonia. So we asked the man behind the club station: Venco Z36W. And he immediately agreed. So Anja, Tom DL5LYM and I had a week off near Stip, Macedonia.

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QSO statistics for Z37M (CQWW DX Contest CW) - Multi/2

Operators:DL1MGB, DO2WW, DL5LYM, Z35X, Z35T, Z35W, Z36W, Z33F, Z32ID, Z32KO


Score: 9,398,638

Norfolk Island (VK9N)

Maybe this idea was a left-over when we had some drinks in Portugal ( Joerg DL8WPX had this burning desire to visit Jim Smith VK9NS on his Norfolk Island, east of Australia. So I took this wish and started to organize a trip for a small group of eight people.

We not only met Jim Smith and his wife Kirsti, but made new friends, had a lot of pile-ups and even found a brewery that became our favorite pub for three weeks.

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