Australia (VK)

An urgently needed holiday after four years of hard work for WRTC 2018. On our way to New Zealand, we had a stop-over for some days in Sydney with all the tourist hot spots to visit. For me the third time in Sydney, for Anja the very first time down under.

New Zealand (ZL)

In the past, I knew Australia and New Zealand only by the airports and harbors on the way to more remote island in the Pacific. This time together with my wife Anja, there was a wish for more. About 1.5 years before, we made a plan to visit Birgit and Holger in New Zealand. Maybe too early, they arelady expected us end of 2017. Sightseeing and travelling around was priority #1. But when you are so far away, playing with the radio cannot be ignored. So we travelled around the North Island first, visiting beatiful places and enjoyed the rich nature. The last week of our trip, we checked in in the Kiwi DX Lodge (

Holger already warned me in advance that contesting from this side of the world (antipodes of Madrid, Spain) is somehow different to Europe. Fortunately, I brought some experience with me after three CQWWs from zones 30 and 32. And the great location and the perfectly designed station made it a bit easier to overcome the disadvantages of being far away of any main propagation routes.

Being wonderful hosts, the Hannebergers took very good care of us. We didn't miss anything. Many thanks to Birgit, Xenia and Holger for wonderful days above Hawke's Bay.

QSO statistics for ZM4T (CQWW DX Contest CW) - M/2



Score: 8,232,275

United States of America (K)

Last year I got the invitation to give the key note speech at the Contest Dinner at the Dayton Hamvention. And of course we had to represent the WRTC 2018 the last time. So Anja and I headed for Dayton, OH, with a short stop-over in Washington, D.C.

Finland (OH)

The fourth visit at the OHDXF / CCF meeting. Again not on the ferry, but in Turku in Finland.