Kermadec Islands (ZL8)

The Lagunaria DX Group was deeply impressed by the DXpedition to Willis Island. They still were friends. So they decided to head for an even rarer one: Kermadec Islands. The boat, the DoC staff on the island, the bigger DXpedition team, the remoteness of the island: new experiences everywhere.

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Russia (UA3)

In 2009, after I went through the contest results of the past, I realized that it was too late to do anything. If I would have worked harder... So, a competitor's place at the upcoming WRTC 2010 in Russia was out of reach. But there was still a little chance to get there. As a referee. I was nominated by the German team DL6FBL/DL3DXX and got approved.

In July, my wife Anja and me and a lot of technical stuff of the German team flew to Moscow. A lot of new impressions, a lot of old and new friends, a week of amateur radio hapiness.

The referee job? It was sometimes a bit challenging to listen to two audio streams at the same time. But most of the time boring and "frustrating" to listen to the mistakes by the competitors and not being able to say anything.

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