Belgium (ON)

Back in 1996, when I was soldier in the German Army, a comrade and I wanted to take part in the Dodentocht march. The officer cadets of the company were obliged to go, but we normal draftees were not allowed to join: liability issues. So it took over 16 years I found this march was still existent. So I had to take part. I even found a colleague to join. And we also found a good cause. So all the blisters were there for a reason.

Read more on our website, including the whole story and some nice pictures.

Clipperton Island (FO/c)

Together with Bob KK6EK and Cordell Expeditions, the Lagunaria DX Group was responsible for the radio operations of TX5K to Clipperton Island in February this year. And I was a member of this team of 29 people.

Link to the Lagunaria DX Group Homepage for more information about this DXpedition: Click here